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VINYL MOON Volume 037: Rebirth


Product Description

A1:  Superheart - "After Midnight"
A2: Joshua Worden - "Tennessee"
A3: Bo Elledge - "Let's Get It"
A4:Christian Besa Wright - "Cherry Blossom Oak"
A5: Jon Coyle - "Fun & Levitating"
A6: Duets And Stuff - "Serve Somebody"
B1: ANKŌ - "Hollow"
B2: VLMV - "If Only I"
B3: 1900 - "Ljuva Mekaniska Jag"
B4: John Burnette - "Pale And Blue"
B5: My Fellow Sponges - "Schlieffen Plan"

Classic tip-on style gatefold jacket with mythological artwork
Includes a felt slipmat featuring artwork from the jacket
Clear vinyl with purple smoke
Intro letter
Lyrics & art info insert