** SOLD OUT ** Slow Dancing Society - 'My Blue Heaven' 2xLP


Product Description

This is the 2xLP edition of Slow Dancing Society's My Blue Heaven, a collection of four EPs with six additional demo and b-side tracks. Each album contains one translucent purple and one translucent seafoam LP in a gatefold jacket. Limited to 250 copies worldwide!

Usually, when one discusses influences on an album, one cites other musical artists - in this case, you can find threads of Brian Eno, Smashing Pumpkins, Boards of Canada, and Mogwai. But My Blue Heaven feels less like a traditional album, and more like the feeling you get when cleaning out an attic, discovering treasured belongings and cultural touchpoints that act as a map to a person's personality. This massive collection of music feels equally indebted to prom night, films by David Lynch, an old aromatherapy humidifier, and recognizing an old friend from the touch of their hand on your shoulder. While originally released as four separate EPs, My Blue Heaven feels cohesive because of each track's exploration of nostalgia, experimentation with old sounds and new, and overwhelming patience to let ideas develop. It's use of saturated guitars and drums from 80's ballads offers more motion than Slow Dancing Society's seminal The Sound Of Lights When Dim, but this collection remains squarely in the world of ambient music, something to lose yourself in as it floats you along in the current of your thoughts.

The track "Lilacs" was featured in VINYL MOON Volume 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.