** SOLD OUT ** Slow Dancing Society - 'The Sound Of Lights When Dim' LP


Product Description

This is the 10th Anniversary remaster of Slow Dancing Society's debut album, The Sound Of Lights When Dim. The original eight tracks have been remastered and pressed on clear vinyl.

The Sound of Lights When Dim is a sumptuous unfolding ride towards a fading horizon. As with Eno’s finest moments and Sylvian’s ambient explorations, this work manages to dissolve its temporal markers and speak about moments removed from time. It talks to the delicious flaws of memory and feeling whilst never sullying itself with literality or simple documentation. This remaster further deepens the music's buoying effect, allowing for an album that serves equally well as an immersive experience or calming background. It invites you, without demanding, to explore inward with mindfulness instead of obsession.

Slow Dancing Society's "Lilacs" can be found on VINYL MOON Volume 031: The Nature of Inner Space.

  • Be There
  • Radiance
  • The Delicate Sound of Silence
  • A Song That Will Help You Remember To Forget
  • The Warm Familiar Smell of September
  • West of 4th (Kristina's Song)
  • How Life Was Meant To Be Lived
  • A Lonesome Sentiment