Sego - Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around LP


Product Description

This is the first full-length album from Sego, originally released March 4th, 2016, pressed on crisp white vinyl

Sego’s Once Was Lost But Now Just Hanging Around is a buzzy, quirky venn diagram of an album, overlapping the angst of your high school years, the nihilism of your early 20’s, and the raucous fun of a birthday party in grade school. There’s elements of The Rapture in their sound, particularly in the disco-punk funk of “The Fringe”, as well as the earnest-slacker vibe of The Henry Clay People in “Fool Around”. But what sets Sego apart is their comfort in both the world of fuzzed-out indie rock, as well as the mosh-dance style best popularized by DFA records. Their dual chops means this album covers a wide spectrum of sound along those two extremes, keeping their wit and undeniable talent at riff-writing sounding fresh the whole way through.

Sego’s track “Whatever Forever” was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren.


  1. Obscene Dream
  2. False Currency
  3. 20 Years Tall
  4. Stars
  5. The Fringe
  6. Day Job
  7. Micky Macali
  8. Engineer Amnesia
  9. Fool Around
  10. Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around
  11. Proper Noises
  12. Wicket Youth
  13. Where I Belong